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by training like kristian Blummenfelt And Gustav iden

We break personal and world records

After years of coaching top athletes to world-class results and world records, we launched an ambition to make our state-of-the-art training method and sports technology available for serious athletes all over the world. With Entalpi our ambition is to break both personal and world records and to change the way top athletes train. Welcome to a new era where training, technology, and big data are combined in a new and unique way to push human limits to new heights!

Kristian Blummenfeld Tokyo Olympics Win

a new and unique combination of technology and training

After years of training top athletes to world-class results and researching most of the available training methods out there, we saw a clear pattern: Too many athletes never reach their full potential and too many athletes end up training too hard. With Entalpi we solve these challenges by optimizing and personalizing your training regimen with our unique training algorithm and breakthrough research. The result is a tailored training regimen for each athlete with optimized intensity, workload, and restitution.

A brand new way of training.

With Entalpi you can trust that your training regimen will be optimized and tailored to your specific needs, capabilities, and training and competition goals.

Data driven

Through new technology and innovation, the sportstech industry is changing rapidly. As a result, the winning athletes of tomorrow will be the ones combining the use of data, technology, and the best training methodologies. Entalpi gives you everything you need to take your training to the next level.


Our unique sports algorithm helps you find, tune and develop the perfect individualized training regimen for you. This includes defining the correct training intensity, workload and level of restitution.


One of the great advantages of using technology and algorithms is that they are dynamic and they learn fast. As your training and progress develop, so does our algorithm. This means that you can be sure that with Entalpi you will always have a tailored and optimized training regimen for your current form and situation.


“Entalpi as a methodology has given me the perfect tools to optimize and develop my training regimen. I believe we have just seen the very beginning of this training revolution and that many world records within sports will be broken in the years to come.”

Kristian Blummenfelt

Olympic and World Champion
Gold medalist.

“There is no doubt that the Entalpi methodology has taken my training and competition results to another level. The combination of utilizing large amounts of data and a world-class training regimen, is about to revolutionize the world of endurance sports.”

Gustav Iden

Two-time winner of the Ironman 70.3
World Championship

“After including the Entalpi methodology in my training I have seen major improvements both in form and results. I believe this to be the future for endurance sports such as running, swimming, and cycling.”

Casper Stornes

Winner of 2018 ITU World
Triathlon Bermuda

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With international ambitions to take a leading role in sports tech and define the best training methods of tomorrow for athletes all over the world, we are always interested in a dialogue with potential strategic and financial partners.