Our Story

“the norwegian method”

After years of training top athletes to world class results and researching most of the available training methods out there, we saw a clear pattern: Too many athletes never reaches their full potential and too many athletes ends up training too hard. At the same time we are breaking world records and taking Olympic Gold Medals with our new and groundbreaking training methodolgy Entalpi.

We feel an obligation to share our new insight and method with other athletes and we want to help more athletes reach their full potential and reach their personal goals. In turn we therfore decided to launch Entalpi in the sports technology market with international ambitions. Our goal is to change the way athletes train.


Entalpi aims to launch our new mobile app early in 2023. We are currently testing, tuning and developing the main functionality and will go into beta testing during the next six months. We have big ambitions for the app and our core objective is to become a leading player in the world of sports tech.

We truly want to change and improve the way athletes train by offering up our unique, innovative and data driven sports algorithm in combination with tailored and individualized training programs.

“Experiencing “live” how Entalpi is changing the world of sports and training and seeing up close the amazing results so far, has been a great privilege. Now our goal is to introduce Entalpi to athletes all over the world!

Olav Aleksander Bu

Meet the Team

Profile picture of Olav Aleksander Bu
Olav Aleksander Bu
Chief scientist and Co-founder
Profile picture of Roger Holthe Olsen
Roger Holthe Olsen
CEO and Co-founder
Profile picture of Richard Skår
Richard Skår
COO and Co-founder
Profile picture of Aart Goossens
Aart Goossens
Tech lead backend
Profile picture of Niklas Johansson
Niklas Johansson
UI/UX and software developer
Invest in Entalpi

If you are an investor or have questions related to financing plans in Entalpi, please contact us via the form below.

With international ambitions to take a leading role in sportstech and defining the best training methods of tomorrow for athletes all over the world, we are always interested in a dialogue with potential strategic and fiancial partners.


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