Discover the new way of training that is producing world-record breaking athletes.

We want to change the way athletes train.

Some of the most advanced science and training methodology in the world of sports and triathlon can be found in Norway, where we’ve harnessed technology and data to create a methodology that is producing world-record breaking athletes.We want to bring this ‘money-ball’ approach to top and aspiring athletes who want to take their training and results to the next level.

Through a new and unique combination of technology, data and training methods, we provide athletes with an individualized and optimized training program tailored to their specific needs and goals.

With our top athletes Kristian Blummenfelt and Gustav Iden we have already broken world records and achieved Olympic Gold medals. This is just the very beginning and our ambition going forward will always be to break both personal and world records.

We are changing the way top athletes train. So if you want the best and most innovative training tool and methodology on the market, then Entalpi is the right choice for you.

Technology + data + sports science = Entalpi

Technology +
data +
sports science = Entalpi

Revolutionizing the world of sports.

Entalpi is utilizing the latest technology and sports science to revolutionize the world of sports and change the way athletes train. Through extensive use of data and state of the art research, we found the perfect combination of the latest technology, use of data and world class and record breaking training methods.

Now “everybody” is talking about the “Norwegian method” and how such a small country can dominate and break records in highly competive sports such as running, swimming, cycling and triatlon.

The secret lies in one of the most innovative training methodolgies available on the market today. We believe Entalpi will revolutionize the world of sports in the years to come.

Chasing personal records or gold medals?

Wheter you are chasing your own personal records or aiming to get your name in the history books holding world records or taking an olympic medal, you are dependant on getting the most out of your training and hard work.

This is the main reason why Entalpi was founded by athletes for athletes. We know what it takes to succeed. We know what it is like to put in endless hours in training and work, no matter the weather or conditions. We know how much reaching goals means to you.

This is exactly why we created Entalpi, to help athletes reach their full potential.

The unique benefits of Entalpi

Features of the Entalpi app

Your best training buddy.

Bringing Entalpi along in your training sessions  will give you the best training buddy you can get. Giving you feedback, suggesting improvements and encouraging you along the way.

Data and analysis driven

We are now entering a new era in sports where data and technology will play a pivotal role in optimizing and indivdualizing training for athletes. Entalpi utilizes data through our world class analysis tool to maximize your training regimen.

Intensity and work load

Using our unique algorithm Entalpi will help you find your perfect training intensity, work load and restitution. Over time our algorithm gets smarter and will continuously adjust your training programs to secure optimal development.


Entalpi utilizes state of the art sports technology and offers integrations with leading digital sports tools such as Garmin.

State of the art sports technology on your phone

The Entalpi app will provide you with powerful tools to optimize your training

  • Optimized training programs
  • Data driven and high tech analysis tool
  • Dynamic feedback before, under and after training
  • Compatible with Garmin

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Meet our athletes

“Entalpi as a methodology has given me the perfect tools to optimize and develop my training regimen. I believe we have just seen the very beginning of this training revolution and that many world records within sports will be broken in the years to come.”

Kristian Blummenfelt

Olympic and World Champion
Gold medalist.

“There is no doubt that the Entalpi methodolgy has taken my training and competition results to another level. The combination of utilizing large amounts of data and a world class training regimen, is about to revolutionize the world of endurance sports.”

Gustav Iden

Two-time winner of the Ironman 70.3
World Championship

“After including the Entalpi methodology in my training I have seen major improvements both in form and results. I believe this to be the future for endurance sports such as running, swimming, and cycling.”

Casper Stornes

Winner of 2018 ITU World
Triathlon Bermuda

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With international ambitions to take a leading role in sportstech and defining the best training methods of tomorrow for athletes all over the world, we are always interested in a dialogue with potential strategic and fiancial partners.